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USA to PH Online Shopping

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Welcome to Your Shopping Bag! We are an Online Shopping Store that brings together quality,
authentic and brand new products, great deals and fabulous brands from the United States
of America.

ALL ITEMS that are posted in our website is AVAILABLE, ON-HAND and ready to ship!

What is PRE-ORDER?

1. Do you want anything online and cannot seem to figure how to pay for it because you don't
have a credit card or paypal account?

2. Does international shipping from your favorite Online Shopping Store seem so expensive?

3. Does your favorite Online Shopping Store accept US-issued Credit Cards only?

4. Does your favorite Online Shopping Store deliver to US addresses only?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then pre-order is the perfect solution for
you. Enjoy hassle-free shopping in US-based Online Shopping Stores, Your Shopping Bag
will do everything for you. From purchasing the item to delivery right at your doorstep, we
have everything covered.


1. Shop from any of your favorite US-based Online Shopping Store and send us the link/s of
    your desired item/s via email to inquiry@yourshoppingbag.com.ph or via facebook message.

2. We will then reply with a price quotation for your item/s. If you like our quotation, please
    read our Terms and Conditions.

3. If you agree to yourshoppingbag.com.ph's Terms and Conditions, simply fill up a
    Pre-order Form.

4. Wait for a Purchase Order within 24 hours that will include the total cost, batch
    number, shipping and payment information via email.

*Please make sure to check your mail after you have placed an order.

5. Send your 50% down payment stated in the Purchase Order. An order is confirmed once
    payment is received.

*The 50% down payment is non-refundable should you change your mind later on about the

6. Check the status of your order by looking at the Batch Schedules.
    Once the items arrive here in the Philippines, a notice will be sent.  Send the full payment,
    after we confirm your full payment, we will have your order/s shipped and send your tracking

*Full payment must be made within 10 business days upon arrival of the product/s or order will
  be cancelled and any downpayment made will be forfeited.

8. Wait for your order to arrive.

Thank you for your continued support - the world needs more people as savvy and stylish
as you!